Peak .. Sensitivity Consultant reveals the causes of low numbers of Corona injuries and deaths


Dr. Amjad Al-Haddad, consultant of allergy and immunology, said that the reason for the decline in injuries and the low number of deaths and injuries bCorona Virus It is that the state’s precautionary measures are moving in the right direction, such as wearing masks and social divergence, indicating that the other reason is the virus reaching its peak stage.
“Al-Haddad” added during a telephone interview via the “Extra News” satellite channel, that there are a large number of Injury cases It is without symptoms, indicating that citizens have become aware of dealing with home cases.
He warned that Corona Virus It is not guaranteed, which all citizens must be more careful about, and the continued activation of the government’s precautionary measures and raising people’s awareness about it, as the World Health Organization has warned that the virus may be transmitted from the air.

He stressed that the virus by what started to weaken gradually, and there is no scientific evidence that the virus is transmitted from the air, as it is in enclosed spaces and in which there are a large number of people that the virus can increase with it, that is, it is transmitted only in closed and crowded places.

And he talked about the statement of the World Health Organization about the transmission of the Corona virus through the air, saying: There is a great opportunity to transmit it in the closed places, but it does not mean that it is transmitted in the streets with air, pointing out that it might be an antenna in very narrow places.

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