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Wednesday 22 July 2020

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Photography – Mahmoud Bakkar:

The Cultural Committee of the Journalists Syndicate organized, today evening, the awards ceremony for the Egyptian Press Competition, in the Syndicate Theater, in the presence of Dr. Dia Rashwan, head of the Syndicate of Journalists, and the current and former members of the Syndicate of the Syndicate.

“Masrawy” won the Sabri Ghoneim award in the human story with the story “We are obliged to leave … the last days of the Maspero and Elmex Triangle” for colleagues Ahmed El-Leithy and Maha Salah El-Din at “Masrawy”.

He also won the award for photojournalism, “The People’s Resort” and “Relationships in Families” by Roger Anis, on the “Masrawy” website.

The investigative branch won the second prize, a series of investigations on the ISIS terrorist organization in Sinai by colleague Abdel Wahab Eliwa at the “Masrawy” website, and this was shared equally with the “Al-Watan” investigation revealing: Alzheimer’s patients … falling from the memory of the state “.. by colleagues Ahmed Al-Ameed and Muhammad Abu Badif in Al-Watan newspaper .

The Journalists Syndicate congratulated the fellow members of the General Assembly on the occasion of the blessed Eid Al-Adha, and on the occasion of the Egyptian Press Awards competition.

Diaa Rashwan said that the holding of the Egyptian Press Awards Awards is a real return to work and trade union activity.

He explained that, had it not been for the Egyptian press, the union would not have been, the press came before the union, and its survival is the union’s survival.

He added that 27 institutions received between 7 to 7 awards, confirming that excellence is distributed among the entire press community.

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