Photo story .. Junior Ajay “the worries vest” in Al-Ahly


Junior Ajay, the game maker of Al-Ahly Club, was able to have a large fan base among fans of the Red Castle not only because of his footballing skill and that he is one of the distinguishing elements in the team, but because he is his temper and does not try to hide his impressions, which set him apart from other players and made him closer to the hearts The fans, who have always seen him as a “carefree worry”, whether in the event of winning or losing, or with the smear of Corona that the player suffers a lot and his pictures lead the scene with every smear made by the red team so that his colleagues are playing with him because of this matter.

Since joining Al-Ahly Club in the summer Mercato 2016, Junior Ajay, maker of Al-Ahly Club, has proven that it is a magical and exemplary solution for all coaches who flocked to train the Red Castle to the Swiss coach Rene Fyler, thanks to the individual skill that helps Nigerians to create solutions and registration Of half-chances.

Ajay Junior He participated with Al-Ahly in 121 games, during which he scored 35 goals and made 24 others, to form one of the most important offensive elements for the Red Team and to become a main pillar in the formation of the Red Genie.

Due to his technical capabilities, the Nigerian has become a magical solution for the Red Castle coaches since joining the team, as he is good at playing as a playmaker in the left wing and can be relied upon in the center of the striker, which is what happened since the start of the current season, where Filler relied on him in the striker position with the decline of the level Marwan Mohsen and the Swiss not convinced of the capabilities of the Moroccan Walid Azzaro.

Despite his instability in many matches, the Nigerian starred, and he managed to score for the Red Team 7 goals by two goals in the African Champions League and 5 goals in the general world during the current season, before the break due to the new Corona epidemic, and also made 4 other goals with his teammates.

The marketing value of Junior Ajay is estimated at about one million and 200 thousand euros, equivalent to approximately 21 million Egyptian pounds, and the 24-year-old managed to win 3 titles in the General League Championship with Al-Ahly, the title of Egypt Cup and two Egyptian Super Cup titles.


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