Possible candidate for the presidency of Barcelona: Citin is not in my plan and Guardiolas return is possible


Victor Font, potential candidate for presidency Barcelona , About his opinion on the position of Kiki Citin, the coach of the club, the possibility of the return of Pep Guardiola and the position of Xavi Hernandez on the club’s training and transfer market.

Xavi has renewed his contract with the Al Sadd Qatar club, but there is a clause allowing him to leave if he receives a good offer from the Blaugrana.

Barcelona is trying to sign Laotaro Martinez from Inter’s ranks to succeed Luis Suarez after the latter’s 33rd birthday.

As for the features of the Font project with the Catalan club, if it succeeds in the elections, he explained in statements with the Argentine newspaper “Ole”: “We want to restore the legacy of Johan Cruyff, who Pep Guardiola created to present, and we will use these believers with these ideas to lead the project and work in management.” Of course, we need Messi to be part of the project for the future, whether on the field or even after his retirement.

Font attributed the sporting superiority of Barcelona to the presence of a group of the best elements in the past years, but he criticized the policy of Josep Maria Bartomeo, which brought expensive and unhelpful deals to the club and wasted the academic talents of La Masia, especially after the departure of Neymar, indicating that the economic situation has become more deteriorating as well.

He continued: “Kiki Seten is the current coach of FC Barcelona and he has all the respect and support, and on the personal level I admire him, but he will not be the coach who carries the future of the team. I will not comment on the dialogue that took place between Messi and Ider Sarabya because I do not have enough information about the incident.”

Font: Messi is looking for a successful project and his crisis must be ended quickly

Speaking of the possibility of Xavi Hernandez training the club, he explained: “He will achieve it when he desires because the player has a great career in the club and fits perfectly with the team’s philosophy, and we have met a lot in the past years and see that he has the specifications that we need. The return of Pep Guardiola should not be impossible and we must Take full advantage of all the talents and legends of the club in order to build the future. “

He concluded: “As for hiring Laotaro Martinez to succeed Luis Suarez. I said before that if I succeeded in the elections I would leave the transfer market decisions in the hands of specialists assigned to sports management. I see that Laotaro is a great player and dazzled me when Inter played against Barcelona, ​​just as Suarez is one of the club’s legends. Who has since surpassed the days of the legend Kopala in scoring.

It is worth noting that Messi reached the 700th goal in his career with Barcelona and Argentina.


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