Preparatory students harassed a teacher violently. The higher administrative officer stopped an education officer for not protecting her


The Supreme Administrative Court ruled that the former Director General of the Department of Urbanism and the teacher of a mathematics expert at Saidia High School are now required to pay a six-month suspension with half of the wages being paid, because he failed to take the necessary legal measures in relation to an incident Harassment Prep pupils with a teacher.

The ruling was issued under the chairmanship of Counselor Adel Brik, Vice-President of the State Council, membership of Counselors Syed Sultan, Dr. Muhammad Abdel-Wahab Khafaji, Nabeel Atallah, and Ahmed Maher Nawab, President of the State Council.

The court said that the defendant against him violated codes of conduct and civil service ethics and failed to take the necessary legal measures Harassment incident Prep pupils with the teacher “AM” during the Talaat Harb Prep School Examination Committee, and omitted mentioning the incident in the report of the conduct of the exams, despite being notified of the incident by the mentioned teacher.

She added that he placed the signature of the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Education in Giza on the photocopy of the statement submitted by him to the prosecution, denying the incident of harassment of the teacher in violation of the truth, despite not notifying the Directorate of the incident.

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