Race against the drug “Remisdiver” after Washington bought huge quantities of it


The United States’ purchase of huge quantities of an effective drug to treat some of the symptoms of “corona” has caused concern in some quarters, as countries seek to obtain doses.

The South Korean Medicines Control Authority said yesterday (Wednesday) that Seoul began distributing the remediffer drug for the treatment of Covid-19, which received a grant from the company “Gilliad Sciences”, and plans to start talks to purchase additional supplies in August. . South Korea is the first country in the world to set a date for talks with “Gilead”, as reported by Reuters. The company said this week that it had set a drug price of $ 390 per package in developed countries, and agreed to allocate nearly all of its drug production to the United States in the next three months.

The US government had guaranteed the purchase of the bulk of the targeted production of the drug until next September. And the German agency attributed to the US Department of Health its confirmation that it was agreed to purchase doses of the active substance to manufacture more than 500 thousand drugs, which is equivalent to 100 percent of the quantity to be produced in the current July and 90 percent of the quantity in each of August and September next .

One of the most promising drugs for treating acute symptoms of Covid-19 disease is “remedisiver”.

It is expected to increase the demand for «remisdivir», which is among the few drugs that can change the course of the disease «Covid 19». The drug obtained permission to use in emergency situations in several countries, and it received full approval in Japan, after clinical trials showed that it reduced the patient’s hospital stay. The Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that only patients with severe cases of “Covid-19” can get the medicine, and South Korea currently has only 33 patients in this case. The centers did not indicate the number of doses obtained from the American company.

Based on current treatment patterns, a single patient needs dosages of $ 2,340.

For its part, the German government ruled out a shortage in the supply of the drug «Remisdivir» used in the treatment of Corona. The German news agency quoted a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, yesterday (Wednesday), that it was early to secure the drug to treat Corona patients, indicating that there are sufficient reserves of it at the moment. The spokesman added that the expected issuance of the permit to circulate the drug on the European market will be linked with the commitment of the producer to supply the drug “in an appropriate quantity”, and he expected that the producing company would fulfill this commitment.

The European Medicines Agency last week recommended the issuance of a conditional license to circulate the drug on the European market.

It is expected that the European Commission will issue a decision in this regard this week. The remedivir drug was originally developed to treat Ebola, but it has had little effect and has not been declared as a drug without conditions in any country in the world yet.

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