“Rambo” comments on wearing masks … and stir controversy


The artist Sylvester Stallone has sparked controversy among his followers, after he published a picture that some said was a criticism of wearing masks in the light of the needs of Corona around the world.

The 74-year-old actor published a picture from the movie “The First Blood”, in which he appears as “Rambo” with a comment: “Where’s the muzzle?”

One of the followers wrote: “If this is what Rambo means from the question, then he is wrong.” Another said: “This means that Rambo is a bad man.”

Stallone deleted the photo from his Instagram account after criticism and misunderstanding, perhaps, because the artist took him several pictures while he was wearing the muzzle.

Add a Corona announcement
In a related context, published The Washington Post، A report dealing with the behavior of the British during the Corona pandemic focused on their commitment to use the masks, stressing that many of them do not adhere to them despite the high deaths of the Corona virus.

He prepared the report that translated it.Arabic 21Carla Adam and William Booth, a senior government official said last Sunday that wearing masks “is a good creation,” but it is completely optional.

As for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he said last Monday that the use of a face cover is “additional insurance”.

On Tuesday, the British government announced that the use of the mask would be mandatory in all stores, and that violators would be fined £ 100.


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