Rami Rabi`: Taher Muhammad Taher preferred the professionalism of Al-Ahly in the beginning


Rami Rabeaa, the star of the Al-Ahly club and the current contractor coach, confirmed the surprise of the high-caliber of Tahir Muhammad Tahir, the striker of the contractors who recently signed his contracts for transferring to Al-Ahly club at the start of the new football season. Throughout the last period, even with the start of Al-Ahly negotiations, but he changed his mind in the last moments and before signing for Al-Ahly

He continued: “What has been raised in the media about the inclusion of players from Al-Ahly in the Taher deal is not correct, but we are currently choosing between more than one player to meet the needs of the team and compensation for the departure of Taher, pointing out that the Arab contractors are seeking during the second round to maintain the second position in order to participate In the African Champions League“.

Rami Rabei continued that Imad Al-Nahhas, the coach of the Arab Contractors Club currently, is the best technical manager inside Egypt, stressing that his goal in the goal of Enppi in the Egyptian Cup is the most beautiful in his career, and that Imad Miteb is his highest example and the best striker he saw moving inside the penalty area“.

He added: “Mustafa Mohamed is the best striker now, and Ramadan Sobhi and Bin Sharqi are the best in the league in general. I hope that Al-Sulayyah is in the ranks of the Arab contractors, as he is a great player and has high experience and serves any team.”


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