Rania Youssef attacks Abdullah Rushdie: providing a legitimate cover for the harassers


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Posted Date: Sunday, 5 July 2020 – 1:55 | Last update: Sunday, 5 July 2020 – 2:32

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        The actress Rania Youssef attacked the preacher Abdullah Rushdie, because of his recent statements about the causes of the harassment, which he said were due to the woman's clothes.<p>Rania Youssef republished a friend’s response to Rushdie's statements, via the short stories feature of her Instagram account, and said: “You, when you addressed the crowd of the molesters and told them that the girl bears a great deal of responsibility for the harassment because of her clothing, you do not even claim the religion of God, you You claim harassment, and harassers provide a legitimate and justified cover for their dirty behavior. "

“Sheikh Abdullah needs Shayef. The girl bears a large part of the responsibility for harassment because of her clothing, and the truth is, I regret that I rebelled against this speech by logic because this is not worthy of a response in the first place. , Big or small. ”

Secondly, this animalistic logic encourages the herd to harass without veiled as it deserves, as it is north, third … Imagine the sheikh needs one of the countries of the West and he saw the sixties in the streets and transportation naked cassettes he will work eh? Here also.
A widespread controversy had been raised over the past days after charges from about 150 girls were brought against a student who was said to have studied at the American University of harassment, rape, extortion and threats, which called the National Council for Women to act, and one of the girls submitted an official communication.

On the other hand, Rania Youssef revealed that she was harassed and wrote on her Instagram account: “Yes, she was harassed … a word that every woman suffers from for many years and until this moment we suffer from it as a ghost chasing us everywhere .. His young man who harassed more than one girl is not Individuals, but there are tens or thousands of such young men who allow themselves to harass all kinds of people just because he is the strongest and this is not true! “.

I continued: “I face verbal harassment daily through the platforms of my official accounts and also his e-mail, which comes with a large number of verbal harassment messages, which they are permitted to send from behind mobile and computer screens and virtual harassment of women everywhere (her work, transportation, etc.) and also via phones. Portable, harassment of all kinds is great, it must be addressed with all its different types, because they know that this harassment has no deterrent. ”

Rania called for a rapid and deterrent law to harass all kinds in Egypt, especially harassment through social media, “to be a lesson to all and to be a deterrent, as described,” adding: “My message to girls is fearful, and I face any harassment by reporting immediately about it.”

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