Rania Youssef declares: I am being harassed every day


The actress Rania Youssef revealed that she was subjected to harassment, stressing that she faces verbal harassment daily through her accounts on social media.

“Yes, she was harassed … a word that every woman suffers from for many years until this moment, we suffer from it as if it is a ghost chasing us everywhere,” wrote Rania on her Twitter account.

She continued: “I face verbal harassment daily through the platforms of my official accounts, and also my e-mail, on which a large number of verbal harassment messages come, which they are permitted to send from behind mobile and computer screens, and apparent harassment of women everywhere (her work, transportation, etc.) ) Also via mobile phones, harassment of all kinds is great, and it must be addressed in all its different types, because they know that this harassment does not have a deterrent. ”

She added: “I demand a deterrent and rapid law for harassment of all kinds in Egypt, especially harassment through social media, so that it can be a lesson to all and be a deterrent … and my message to girls is unafraid, and confront any harasser by reporting it immediately.”

It is worth noting that Rania Youssef is awaiting the presentation of the second part of the series “Miss Farah”, as well as awaiting the presentation of the series “Al-Harami” on the Shahid VIP platform.

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