Rania Youssef publishes a list of the names of the men “molested her”


Rania Youssef

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Rania threatened to file cases against the men who accused him of harassment

Egyptian film and television star Rania Youssef released the personal details of a number of men who said they were “sexually harassed” in a move that sparked controversy in Egypt, which is witnessing a growing movement against sexual exploitation and harassment of women.Rania has posted on her Twitter account, and a million and a half people follow him, names and pictures of men under which the word “harasser” is written.

Rania did not disclose other details in her tweets, but said in an interview that she would “raise cases against the men she accuses of harassment and accuse some of them of threatening her via the Internet.”

The issue of sexual harassment of women in Egypt has abated recently after reports circulated about a young man harassing and raping dozens of women. The young man, Ahmed Bassam Zaki, is now under investigation.

Some say that failure to take measures against harassers over the years reflects a culture of underestimating the issue and not punishing perpetrators of harassment.

Critics have also pointed to the double standards of the authorities, as famous girls have been arrested on social media for “promoting vice.”

Rania Youssef, in turn, had faced judicial charges in the past because of the fact that he wore a dress that the judiciary considered scandalous, and she was accused of insulting public modesty, and these charges were later dropped.


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