Rania Youssef Trend on Twitter after her remarks about facing verbal harassment daily


Rania Youssef Al Trendat, topped it on Twitter recently, after her comment On incidents of harassment After demanding through her official account on Twitter the need for a deterrent law that protects against harassment, she also confirmed that she personally suffers from always harassment.

Where the artist revealed Raniya Yousif, On her exposure to verbal harassment through her accounts on the social media, and I addressed a message to the girls the need to inform immediately in the event of exposure to it.

Raniya Yousif
Rania Youssef Trend on Twitter

Rania Youssef wrote a text through her Twitter account: “Yes, a word that every woman suffers from for many years until now has been harassed, and we suffer from it as if it is a ghost chasing us everywhere. The incident of the young man who harassed more than one girl is not individual but there are thousands like this young man who permit For themselves harassment of all kinds just because it is the strongest and this is not true! “.

She added, “I face verbal harassment daily through the platforms of my official accounts, as well as his e-mail, which contains a large number of verbal harassment messages.”

Rania Youssef on Twitter
Rania Youssef and part of her words on Twitter

She noted: “And those who deserve to be sent from behind the screens of mobile phones, computers and apparent harassment of women everywhere (her work – transportation – etc.) and also via mobile phones, harassment of all kinds is great, it must be confronted with all its different types because they know that this harassment does not have a deterrent.”

Rania Youssef in an old photo of her
Rania Youssef in an old photo of her

Then she continued her speech by writing: “I demand a deterrent and rapid law for harassment of all kinds in Egypt, especially harassment through social media, to be through it for everyone and to be a deterrent.. My message to girls is fearful, and I face any harassment by reporting it immediately. “

In another context, Rania Youssef is close to completing the filming of the “Al-Harami” series, in which she is embarking on a new experience in TV drama, which belongs to the quality of the work of the 10 episodes. Digital online over the coming days.

Rania Youssef is also preparing to film the second season of the series “Miss Farah” that was presented at the beginning of this year, and the work is taken from the American series “Jane the virgin” and is scheduled to be shown in 4 parts. Each part consists of 22 episodes, starring Rania Youssef, Asma Abu Al Yazid, Mohamed Kilani, Heba Abdel Aziz, Hoda Majd, Arefah Abdel Rasoul, Gilan Alaa, Maryam Al Khasht, Mohamed Amroussi and directed by Ahmed Al Jundi and completed by Wael Faraj.


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