Rape, killing and burning of a family … two Syrians committing a brutal crime for $ 110 (photos)



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Rape, killing and burning of a family ... two Syrians who ...

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                                            The Syrian Ministry of Interior revealed the details of a horrific crime in which 3 children were killed along with their mother, while their father is in hospital in critical condition.


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According to the statement of the “Ministry of Interior” through her account on “Facebook”, a tip was reported that a fire broke out in the town of Beit Sahm in the countryside of Damascus. While her husband and their children (11 years, 9 years, and 4 years) were found to have multiple stab wounds as well, and all the children were handcuffed.


The husband of the husband (the victim) said that he received a notification from his son before he was transferred to the hospital informing him of the arrival of a person who was working for him in the restoration of the house and accompanied by another person, and stabbed him and stabbed his children and raped his wife and stabbed her several times, then they burned the house and fled.


Subsequently, the first accused, Muhammad Omar Mustafa, was arrested before he escaped outside Damascus, and he acknowledged in the investigations that he had agreed with the second accused, Muhammad Marzuq, to ​​rob the victim’s house and his family.


Later, a patrol went to arrest the second defendant, who tried to escape by shooting towards the patrol, but was arrested.


The defendants admitted to entering the house on the pretext that they had coffee with the owner of the house, as they were previously working for him in health and restoration work and that they knew him and that he was well off. They stabbed several stabs all over her body, then they handcuffed the three children and stabbed them in separate parts of their bodies with a knife, then they stole money and burned the house to obliterate their crime.


One of the neighbors said that he saw smoke coming out of the victims’ house, so he and other neighbors took off the door and managed to remove the owner of the house, which was still alive. They are dead.


The security services were able to recover the stolen money amounting to 260 thousand Syrian pounds (the equivalent of $ 110), and confiscate the knife used in the crime, and the gun that was fired at the patrol, while legal measures are being taken against the accused.


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