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Rawan bin Hussein announces her separation from her husband ...

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Source: Salah Hassan – Toss News

Kuwaiti fashinista announced Rawan bin HussainShe officially separated from her husband, Libyan businessman Youssef Maqrif, explaining that she had discovered his betrayal of her, claiming that she had caught him with a “prostitute”, she said.

She explained that she hesitated to disclose this, for fear of the title “absolute”, but talk about harassment recently encouraged her to talk about her story, which she concluded by saying: “Oh God, praise be to you. There is no objection to God’s ability and worth. ”


Rawan bin Hussein recounted the details of her story, which she wrote in English in several publications on the “Instagram” feature in “Instagram”, where she revealed that she was feeling the turmoil and blamed herself all the time, until it came to her treatment that she believed was not normal.


The Kuwaiti fashnista added that she found the father of her daughter with a “prostitute”, pointing out that her husband was suffering from narcissism, and despite all this she tried to find solutions but failed.

Rawan bin Hussain confirmed that her husband had transmitted a sexually transmitted disease called HPV16, which is considered one of the high-risk viruses known to greatly increase the risk of cervical cancer, due to his betrayal of her with different women and randomly.


She confirmed that the decision to separate came because he had betrayed her, adding that she had not seen her daughter for a month, because she had a problem with her passport, which prevented her from traveling to see her.


It is noteworthy that Rawan bin Hussein previously deleted all the photos that she collected with her husband through her account on the “Instagram” site, as the last message she had sent to him on Father’s Day, on June 21.

That message came amid news of their separation at the time, but it intended to spread the congratulations of Father’s Day to suggest that the news of the separation was just a rumor.


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