Real coronation and Messi explosion top Spain newspaper covers (photos)


The crowning of Real Madrid topped the title of La Liga covers the Spanish newspapers issued this morning, after its precious victory over its Villarreal team (2-1) in the penultimate round of the competition, which also saw the loss of his opponent Barcelona at the hands of Osasuna (1-2).

The riyal won the league title for the 34th time in its history, raising its score to 86 points, extending the difference with Barcelona to seven points before the end of the competition in one stage, and the title became the first for Real in the championship since 2017, where Barcelona crowned the title in the past two seasons.

Marca newspaper titled: “Unforgettable title”

The newspaper singled out photos from the celebrations of Real Madrid players with their French coach Zinedine Zidane, noting that the team won the 34th league title in a very good way.

She added that Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema scored the two goals of the title, to compete with Barcelona star Lionel Messi for the “Picchy” award, which is awarded to the La Liga goal, after reducing the difference with him to two goals.

“Marca” highlighted Zinedine Zidane’s statements in which he confirmed that the Spanish League is the best championship.

“I said before, ‘If I keep playing this way, it will be very difficult to win the Champions League, we didn’t even win the league,'” Messi said in an angry statement.

Barcelona captain added: “At this level, Naples will beat us.”

The AS headline titled: “The Liga 34”

The newspaper added that the Real culminated in the 34th league by defeating Villarreal, and this victory is the tenth in a row for the team since the resumption of the Liga after the Corona pandemic.

She pointed out that Barcelona fell at home with a score of 2-1 against Osasuna with ten players, before Messi asked for self-criticism, saying: “You have to change a lot.”

The newspaper quoted Zidane’s statements in which he said that the Liga title makes him more than happy to win the Champions League title.

“AS” pointed out that Messi expressed his anger after the recent failure: “We did not wish to end the season in this way, but it is a match that summarizes our situation recently, which team can win against us.”

Messi and issued the cover of the Catalan newspaper “Sport” under the title: “Nevertheless he does not give us,” in reference to Barcelonas poor level, which did not qualify him to win the League or Champions League.

The newspaper published a small image on top of the cover of Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos, holding the Spanish League Cup titled “Madrid Mouse Champions”, in a clear indication that the team will benefit from the arbitration.

She added that Barcelona ended a sad season in the league with a defeat against ten Osasuna players.

Messi was quoted after the match, saying that he criticized himself as he stated: “I understand that the fans are running impatient … I agree with them because we are not giving them anything.”

The newspaper highlighted the remarks of Kiki Sitten, Barcelona coach, whose fate has become a threat with the team, saying: “I hope to be the coach of the team in the Champions League.”

The headline of the Catalan newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” read: “Messi is exploding.”

The newspaper wrote in another headline: “Real Madrid is a champion,” stressing that Al-Abyad, with another controversial penalty, did not fail and won the 34th and third league titles in 12 years.

And the newspaper devoted a lot of space to Messi’s statements in which he said: “I have already said that if we continue like this, we will not win the Champions League or La Liga.”

He added: “They beat us hard, if we want to win the Champions League, we have to change a lot and do self-criticism.”


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