Real Madrid news: Luis Figo explains in detail why he betrayed Barcelona and moved to Real Madrid


Sport 360 – On the occasion of 20 years since the most famous deal in the history of football, Luis Figo moved directly from Barcelona to the rivals Real MadridThe Portuguese star retired, interviewing the Spanish newspaper AS, explaining the way the deal took place and the reasons that led him to leave the Camp Nou.

Luis Suarez’s deal remains the most controversial to this day despite the fact that two decades have passed since the uproar caused by it, firstly because Real Madrid contracted him for a record amount at the time of 60 million euros, and secondly because he was Barcelonas first star and captain of the team, and therefore it was a great shock For the masses and the Catalan press for a very long time.

Luis Figo explained that the main reason for his departure from Barcelona It boils down to not getting enough appreciation, whether in material or moral terms, which made him decide to move to Real Madrid in light of the attractive offer that was presented to him.

Figo was demanding an increase in his annual wage in Barcelona, ​​but the club was on the verge of presidential elections, which caused President Jose Luis Nunez to ignore the demands of the Portuguese star, as he was spending his last times as president of the club, as well as for the new president, Juan Gaspar who did not believe that there was an offer With this value from Real Madrid, he did not take matters seriously.

Luis Figo told the newspaper AC “Has this deal changed history? Real Madrid? In fact, it is not much, but it has made changes towards Spanish football, because this has not happened before. This was the beginning of looking at football as an industry after the project of Real Madrid’s Galacticos. It could be the beginning of the modern Madrid era. With all these stars in the real. ”

Figo revealed the first time he heard of Real Madrid with interest, adding, “I was in the European Nations Cup, and we were in the period of the transfer market, and I had a good season with Barcelona, ​​and there were presidential elections in Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​my agent contacted me (Jose Vega ) To inform me that there is a club interested in me, Lazio was interested in paying the penalty clause in my contract (60 million euros), and he told me that Real Madrid is also interested. ”

Figo continued his speech, stressing that he did not take the offer seriously for the first time, “I listened to it, but without focusing on it, and I transferred the offers that I received to the management BarcelonaBut they didn’t take it seriously. ”

Florentino Perez

Florentino Perez

Luis Figo: I did not regret my move to Real Madrid

The Portuguese star confirmed his feeling of remorse for this fateful decision, adding, “Have you regretted? Of course not, although it was a difficult summer, this is true, there was a lot of noise, tension and uncertainty.

Luis Figo also denied what is rumored in the Catalan newspaper reports that he was going to back down from his decision to move to Real Madrid in the last moments if Barcelona agreed to give him the same salary offered, and added, “It is a lie, I never spoke to Nino (the former president) after finishing the championship European Nations Cup, or when I started my summer vacation in Sardinia, neither with Nino nor with Gaspar (the new president), it is totally a lie, what happened is the opposite.

He continued, “After the elections in Barcelona, ​​Gaspar utilized that a famous journalist in the Sport newspaper was heading to Sardinia, and sent with him a signed letter from him giving me the same offer made by Real Madrid, and said that the club is ready to pay some compensation if the deal is stopped, this part of The story was not known, but I did not trust Gaspart, and I will never trust him (laughs).

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