Real Madrid news: Perez outlines Real Madrid’s roadmap for the future


Florentino Perez

Sport 360 – More than a full day has passed since the coronation Real Madrid With the title La Liga Thirty-fourth, and although this particular title has a special value for the club at all levels, President Florentino Perez does not want to exaggerate the celebration and indulge the present more than necessary, so he designed the road map for the next few years.

According to a report published by the network Defensa Central In Spanish, Perez knows exactly what he wants to achieve in the near future, and the start will be the new Santiago Bernabeu stadium project that is expected to turn into a masterpiece, a tourist attraction and one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world, if not the most beautiful at all.

Perez’s dream is to become the most advanced Real Madrid stadium in the world. He also aims to increase the club’s revenues significantly from the services and facilities that will be designed in the stadium that will cost more than 500 million euros, and the priority now is to finish this project before anything else.

The dream deal .. Real Madrid signed Mbappe

The famous site also pointed out that the main deal that Florentino Perez seeks to conclude is a contract with the young Saint-Germain striker Killian Mbappe, although this deal is very difficult this summer because of Paris St. Germain’s refusal to abandon the player, in addition to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic of the virus Corona, but the Madrid president places the player at the top of his priorities, and will try to annex him in the near future.

Peres is counting on the approaching Mbappe contract nearing completion, as only two years remain in the player’s contract with the Parisian club, and if he continues to refuse to renew the contract, then Real Madrid He will have a great opportunity to join him next summer, also at a reasonable price, because Paris will lose him for free the following summer.

Modric breaks his record with Real Madrid

Modric breaks his record with Real Madrid

Renewing contracts for the old guard at Real Madrid

Although the new Perez project focuses on bringing young talents and building a team for the future, so far the young players who have been completely seconded cannot be relied upon, so there is still a need for the old guard, who won the Spanish league title thanks to this season.

The report added that the Real Madrid president will now renew the contracts of some of the old players, headed by Commander Sergio Ramos, whose contract will expire in 2021, as is the case for Luka Modric.

Zidane converted to Real Madrid’s Ferguson

Perez also aspires to keep Zinedine Zidane for a long time to form a historical era like that of Sir Alex Ferguson in Manchester United, after he realized that the French coach is the most appropriate to lead the team among all the coaches of the world.

Perez’s plan is also to support Zidane with his former colleagues like Raul Gonzales and Jose Maria Gotti, and there is another goal of this plan that is to prepare them to succeed Zizou if he decides to leave, as Perez wants to repeat the same experience after it proved successful, so it seems that the coach who He previously played in the club he has more harmony with the players, and knows all the details about the club.

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