Reality pictures of the Al Salam stadium circulating and the new Al Ahly Stadium


A source at Laila Koura said that preparing for the International Peace Stadium to become Al-Ahly Stadium has nothing to do with the photos circulated on social media.

And the pioneers of social networking sites displayed pictures of the stadium of Al-Salam stadium decorated with Al-Ahly stars, in addition to the banner of the “Horn of Africa Club”.

The source – who requested not to be named – added that the banners present are for photographing an advertisement for one of the sponsors of Al-Ahly Club and the final form is different from what is currently being done.

The source ended, “The company that photographed Al-Ahly’s announcement will remove the banners within 24 hours, after which work will be done to prepare the fence of the stadium and then the stadium.”

A source told “Yallakora” earlier Peace Stadium is currently witnessing the first stage of the equipment, which includes the development of the pitch and dressing rooms and the corridor and enter the stadium facade and external walls.

The second stage of the development of Al-Salam stadium to suit the name of Al-Ahly Club will include other projects, including economic unity.

A source pointed to Yalla Koura that the announcement of Al-Ahly Stadium will come a few days after the opening of Al-Ahly’s channel in its new dress.

A day will be set aside for the transfer of Al-Ahly’s training at Al-Salam Stadium via the club’s channel, in the presence of a large number of Al-Ahly and Sports Club officials, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, and Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports.

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