Reconciliation with building violations … 10 documents in law to protect your property from removal


Representatives of the Parliament’s Housing Committee called on property owners to violate the need to expedite reconciliation with the state, submit documents, pay the necessary compensation fees, and proceed with the legal procedures stipulated in the Law on Reconciliation with Building Violations before the end of the specified period, and not to expose their buildings to the risk of removal or demolition.

The House of Representatives approved in its plenary session, headed by Dr. Ali Abdel-Al, Speaker of the Council, last year, the total articles of a draft law on amending some provisions of Law No. 17 of 2019 regarding reconciliation in some building violations and legalizing their conditions.

Echo of the Country publishes the documents to be submitted for reconciliation with building violations in accordance with the law:

1. A copy of the applicant’s national ID card.

2. The documents attesting to the status of the applicant in relation to the work in violation of the building to be reconciled.

3. Documents indicating that the violation for which reconciliation is required was carried out before the provisions of the reconciliation law were implemented, including, but not limited to, the following.

4. The documents indicating the date of the legal procedures issued regarding the violation, and the date of installing the facility from the real estate facilities: “Electricity – Water – Gas – Phone – Internet”.

5. An official extract issued by the Real Estate Tax Authority, and the well-known sales or lease contracts covered by proof of date in the real estate month.

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6. A report confirming the date of the violation committed from an engineering college in the Egyptian universities or the National Center for Housing and Building Research.

7. Two copies of the architectural drawings of the building executed on the ground certified by an engineering office.

8. A copy of the drawings attached to the building permit and a copy of the license, if available.

9. An approved report by the Engineers Syndicate submitted by a structural engineering consultant office specializing in the design of concrete or steel structures, as appropriate, Provided that the report proves that the building’s structural structure and foundations achieve structural safety, and does not pose a risk to life or property and are fit for occupancy.

10. Examination of building inspection and examination according to the form attached to the executive regulations of the law, and the receipt indicating the payment of the application examination fee).

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