Referral of the occurrence of the violation of the violating property on the digger driver in Giza for investigation


Run the brigade Mahmoud Shaarawi The Minister of Local Development, by phone, Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, to follow up on an incident Collapse A wrongful drug during the process of removing it on a rig and inside its driver inside the Bechtel region of the center and city of Osim.

Shaarawi was assured during the call about the driver’s safety and health and face To perform Medical examination necessary for him, as the governor confirmed that he did not suffer any harm, and that the accident did not result in any injuries among the participants in the removal campaign, and the drilling rig on which the property fell has broken a part in its introduction, adding that the collapsed property is a villa that has been Built On the Ram Street in Bashtil without obtaining the necessary licenses and violating the law, on Height 4 floors and on An area of ​​approximately 350 meters.

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi directed the incident to be investigated for not taking the necessary measures for the safety of workers in the removal campaign and the failure to apply engineering standards in the removal process, which caused the property to fall over the rig.

Shaarawi stressed the necessity for the executive bodies in Giza Governorate to continue campaigns to remove real estate that violated the building, whether that was built without a license, or that violated the terms of the license, or that are located on the lands of state property and encroachments on agricultural lands.

AndThe Minister of Local Development stressed the importance of not tolerating any attempt to violate the decisions to stop construction, impose state prestige, deter violators, and refer all violations to the Military Prosecution in implementation of the President’s directives in this regard.

Shaarawi also called for the necessity of alerting demolishing contractors, neighborhoods and engineering departments of the need to take all necessary precautions and procedures to protect the participants in the removal campaigns witnessed by the province, whether workers, followers or technicians, and not neglecting to implement the removal decision.

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