Reports: Mathlouthi continues with Sfaxien


Hamsa Mathlouthi, captain of the Tunisian Al-Sfaxien team, decided to continue with his team until the end of the season in the Tunisian League, against the backdrop of the decision to resume activity again after the new epidemic of Corona virus (Covid 19).

According to the Tunisian newspaper “Al-Sahafa”, Mathlouthi agreed with the Sfaxian administration to continue his career with the “Capital of the South” team until the end of the current season, before joining his new team, as data indicate that the Tunisian back will join Zamalek and according to the initial agreement between the two parties.

The newspaper revealed that the transfer of the Mathlouthi will be delayed due to the resumption of the Egyptian League competition we again, besides the impossibility of registering the player in the African list due to the white team waiting to face Moroccan Raja in the African Champions League semi-finals of the current version.

The third reason, according to what the newspaper revealed after the decision by Mathlouthi to stay with the Sfaxien, is the failure to open the registration door in Egypt until now.

And press reports confirmed that Mathlouthi was close to moving to Zamalek after the end of the current season after the end of his contract with Sfaxien this season.

Zamalek is seeking to support the right-back center after the departure of Tunisian international Hamdi El-Naqaz in the middle of the current season because he did not receive his dues, as confirmed by the player.

It is worth noting that the Zamalek Club channel announced the completion of five deals officially in preparation for the new season (2020 – 2021).


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