Reports: Messi decided to leave Barcelona


Spanish reports have confirmed that negotiations to renew Lionel Messi’s contract with Barcelona have stalled, while the Argentine flea plans to leave Catalonia in June 2021.

The Spanish journalist, Mano Carreno, said on Radio Cadena Sir, that the talks stopped, after Messi had the possibility to leave before June 10, according to the contract, but preferred not to activate the option to leave at the present time, with the activation of the last contract signed in November 2018, and continues until June 2021 .

Carinho explained that Messi is disappointed with the problems inside the club, while he blames a lot on everything that is going on at Camp Nou.

He pointed out that Messi began sharing his future plans with the most important players in the team.

The Spanish journalist also confirmed that Messi is angry at the failure to provide the team with appropriate deals and the failure of the Brazilian Neymar to return to the team, along with his differences with the club’s officials, especially Eric Abidal, the sports director, in addition to his recent differences with the coach of the team, Sittin.

Messi scored his 700th goal with Barcelona against Atletico Madrid in the previous round in La Liga, while Barcelona moved away from the title competition after Real Madrid’s last victory against Getafe and widening the difference in the lead.


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