Resort management on the “Palm Beach” accident: some go surreptitiously


11:34 PM

Friday 10 July 2020

Books- Hassan Morsi:

Jamal Rashad, head of the Central Administration for Beaches and Resorts, said that since the beginning of the Corona crisis, 61 public beaches have been closed, in addition to 43 private beaches, noting that a number of citizens have started to go surreptitiously to remote beaches that are basically dangerous at dawn, which is what It happened in the October 6 beach accident in Al-Ajmi.

Rashad added, in a telephone interview with the media Amr Adib, on the “Al-Hekaya” program, broadcast on the satellite “mbc Egypt”, on Friday evening, that the incident of drowning started with one of the children descending into the water, and when he started to float he was drowned.

The head of the Central Administration for Beaches and Resorts said, “The children and the parents of the child tried to save him and most of them drowned.” He pointed out that the closed beach means that no rescue service will be available on the beach, noting that starting from tomorrow, observers will be present in all the beaches to monitor the situation.

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