Revenge for his daughter’s honor .. Erdogan turns social media into an open prison


The social media bill he prepared allowed Justice and Development Party Ruler in Turkey By forcing platforms to remove any content, reveal user identities and share data, according to Internet rights expert Yaman Akdeniz, who sees the government of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan The new list will be used to bury all reports of corruption and remove its private photos with Fethullah Gulen, who was declared by Ankara as a symbol of terrorism.

Yaman Akdeniz, Turkish property rights expert, said on the Internet that the nine amended social media regulations prepared by the ruling Justice and Development Party in parliament from July 22 would allow the government to authorize the removal of any content on the Internet.

The Turkish expert warned that a series of abusive comments on social media about President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s daughter in late June would turn the legislation on social media into an open prison.

Trolls on social media attacked Israa Erdogan, the daughter of the Turkish president, her husband and Turkish Finance Minister Berat Al-Bairaq after the birth of their child in late June after reports of marital issues.

The cyberattack on Israa Erdogan sparked a swift response from President Erdogan, although such attacks are common not only to social media users in Turkey, but also to politicians and their families.

Internet expert Akdeniz said the draft social media legislation in parliament would give the government the authority to remove any content from the Internet, which was previously reserved for the country’s criminal courts.

The Turkish National Party proposes to access social media with identity numbers in the bill

Noting the complex history between Gulen and the Turkish president, where the latter blamed the former mainly for the failed coup attempt in 2016, Akdeniz said, “The photos of the AKP politicians with the Islamic cleric based in the United States, Fethullah Gulen will be deleted.”

Akdenis also expected to remove news about unnecessary spending for the former municipal governments of the Justice and Development Party in Istanbul and Ankara on the Internet, and all reports of corruption will be buried among government officials.

Ursal Adoguzal, deputy director of information and informatics in the Republican People’s Party, said that the Turkish government was trying to hide its suspicious past by “censorship laws” and by silencing dissenting or critical voices.

Because of their fear of loss, they believe they can protect themselves with the ban, but this will be their end. “

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