Royal crowned La Liga title for the thirty-fourth in its history


The goals of Real Madrid scored French striker Karim Benzema in the 29th and 77th minutes, and Ubura to Villarreal in the 83rd minute.

The Royal Club won its 34th title in its history, boosting its record, and the French coach Zinedine Zidane’s squad also succeeded in winning the tenth match in a row since the La Liga resumed after stopping as a result of the Corona pandemic.

And before the last round next Sunday, Real Madrid topped the standings with 86 points, 7 points behind the defending champions in the past two seasons Barcelona, ​​who fell at home against Osasuna (1-2).

Direct coverage

D 90 + 7 – The end of the match with Real Madrid defeating Villarreal 2-1. Real champion LaLiga!

D 90 + 5 – Real Madrid Real Madrid score by Asensio after a pass from the star of the match Benzema! However, the referee eliminates the goal after returning to the video assist technology (var).

– The referee counts an additional 6 minutes, Real Madrid suffers in the last minutes, and Cortua intervenes again to save his team in the 93rd minute!

87D – An opportunity for Villarreal! Sofiane Chakla was almost equal to the result from a powerful shot, but the ball hit the Courtois goal!

D84 – Zidane pushes Isco to Modric, and Valverde to cross.

D 83 – Aim a goal – it is a matter of Villarreal! A strong header from Vicente Ebora at the window of Thibaut Courtois! Villarreal reduces the difference.

D 81 – an opportunity for Real Madrid !! A strong ball, fired by Tony Crosse, from about 25 meters on the crossbar !!

Benzema boosts its score to 21 goals in the League!

D77 – Gooooooowoowo Real Madrid! Benzema returns the penalty kick and hit it hard in the right corner of the goalkeeper!

D74 – Ramos rushes to shoot and passes to his right to Benzema who lives in the net, but the referee decides to return the kick because Benzema was inside the penalty area.

D 73 – Penalty penalty. A mistake by Chakla on Ramos inside the area and the referee hesitates and then kicks him.

D 69 – Courtois returns to his goal, with about 20 minutes remaining until the end of the match, and the Royal is approaching more and more than the thirty-fourth title.

D 64 – The referee is defining the yellow card in the face of Xavi Kentia for his violent intervention on goalkeeper Kurtha, who appears to have a head injury.

– At Camp Nou, Barcelona equaled the result against Osasuna via Lionel Messi (62nd).

D 63 – Two other exchanges in Villarreal. Vicente Ebora enters Manu Morlanes and Sani Cazorla, Moy Gomez.

D 62 – Zidane pays Vinicius Jr. in place of Rodrigo, and Marco Asensio, in the place of Eden Hazar.

D 62 – Yellow Card for Luka Modric.

D 54 – An opportunity for Real Madrid! Carvajal skillfully dodges Villarreal defenders inside the penalty area and with his left foot, he shoots the ball over the goal, but goalkeeper Asenjo brilliantly saves his side with a second goal!

D 50 – The referee makes a yellow card in the face of Daniel Carvajal.

– Al-Malaki also ended the first half, initiating the second with possession of the ball.

Gerard Moreno has played alone in the lead since the beginning of the second half.

D 46 – Two exchanges with Villarreal. Bruno Soriano enters the place of Robin Pena, and Javier Ontiveros is in the place of Samuel Choquezi.

– The second half begins

The end of the first half, Real Madrid beat Villarreal 1-0. The riyal has another 45 minutes to maintain the result and win the title for the thirty-fourth time in the club’s history, knowing that the result did not change in the Camp Nou, where the first half ended with Osasuna leading Barcelona with a gratis goal.

– The goal rested Merengue a lot, on the other hand, Villarreal players could not create any opportunity against the Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

Barcelona are still behind at home and Real Madrid are seven points ahead of them in the meantime.

D 31 – The referee indicates the first break in the match.

Benzema scored his 20th goal in the league!

D29 – Benzema opens the registration !! A goal, a goal, a real Madrid football! Passing error between Villarreal and Casemiro takes advantage of the situation and passes to Croatian Luka Modric, who kicked off the ball and passed it creeping and accurate to the French, who defeated goalkeeper Asenjo by shooting the ball between his feet.

D 25 – Real Madrid players continue to press high and try to break through from the left side. Almost absolute control of the royal white over the course of the match.

D 18 – Moroccan Sofiane Chakla is punished with a yellow card after a mistake by Hazar.

D 17 – Barcelona is late in the meantime with a goal at home against Osasuna! The result is serving the royal club.

Of 16- Real Madrid opportunity! Villarreal goalkeeper deftly saves Luka Modric from the penalty spot! The pressure is increasing on Villarreal.

D 15 – High pressure from Real Madrid players and continuous attempts to penetrate the opponent’s defense, and a shot from Karim Benzema from the left side did not pose a threat to Villarreal’s goal.

D10 – The owners of the land are the best since the start of the confrontation and continuous attempts on the goalkeeper Sergio Asenjo’s goal, but the real opportunities are absent so far.

– Referee Alejandro Hernandez announces the start of the crowded stadium of Alfredo Di Stefano.

– This is the 40th match between the two teams in the history of the Spanish League. Real Madrid won 22 times for Villarreal 4 wins.

Zidane today includes the Belgian Aden Hazar and the Brazilian Rodrigo in the place of Valverde and Isco.

– The task will not be easy for the French coach’s men against fifth-placed Villarreal, who has won 6 out of 9 games since the league’s return after the layoff.

– Barcelona tie or loss against Osasuna will guarantee the title to Real Madrid tonight, regardless of the result of Real Madrid, because the difference between Royal and Barcelona is 4 points, and the latter will not be able to catch him in the last stage next Sunday.

– Real Madrid have a fate crowned by his hand tonight. Victory at Villarreal will make him the Spanish league champion for the 34th time in his history and secondly to the leadership of French coach Zinedine Zidane who led him to win the League title in the 2016-2017 season.

Real Madrid squad

Villarreal lineup

Hello and everyone, to this direct coverage of the match between Real Madrid and Villarreal within the penultimate stage 37 of the Spanish Football League.


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