Russian-Chinese veto against extending aid mechanism to Syria across borders


Source: United Nations (USA) – France Press

Russia and China on Tuesday used their veto power in the United Nations Security Council against a draft resolution providing for a one-year extension of the delivery mechanism for cross-border aid to Syria through two border entry points, according to diplomats.

The draft resolution submitted by Germany and Belgium, the two non-permanent members of the Council, was subject to a written vote.

During the negotiations, Russia demanded that the aid mechanism be extended for only six months and that it be delivered via one border point exclusively, compared to two currently, according to diplomats.

The other 13 members of the council voted in favor of the German-Belgian text, according to the same sources.

After the results of the vote, Russia was quick to propose its own text, which includes an extension of the UN aid mechanism to Syria for six months and through one crossing on the border with Turkey, according to a diplomat. On Wednesday evening, the result of the vote on the proposed Russian text will be decided.

Before the vote, diplomats suggested that Russia uses its veto power to oppose it.

The 15th Russian veto

The German-Belgian draft resolution demanded an extension of the mandate, which does not require The approval of the Syrian regime to deliver aid to Syria For a year, by keeping the two current entry points on the Turkish border.

The mandate of the United Nations, in force since 2014, expires on July 10.

The veto used on Tuesday is the 15th Moscow has used at the United Nations since the conflict in Syria erupted in 2011.

In addition to Western countries calling for the extension and even strengthening of the mandate at the time of the Corona epidemic to Syria, the United Nations has also clearly requested that the mechanism be kept for a year with at least two entry points on the Turkish border to provide assistance, especially to residents of northwestern Syria where the governorate is located. Idlib.

Last January, Moscow, the first supporter of the Syrian regime’s President Bashar al-Assad, reduced the number of entry points into the country from four to two, as well as It reduced the duration of the international mandate and made it to six months Instead of a year as it was previously.

Russia and China, who used their veto last December against a German-Belgian draft resolution that had been stipulating three border entry points for a year, said that authorizing the delivery of aid across the border violated Syrian sovereignty and that aid could pass through the authorities in Damascus when they fully simplified. Take control of the country.

However, this Russian-Chinese position contradicts the positions of the United Nations and Westerners, who consider, on the other hand, that there is no credible alternative to the mechanism of transporting cross-border aid because it is necessary for millions of people, highlighting the various obstacles that the Syrian regime poses to the delivery of aid when it passes through Damascus.

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