Saad Al-Mujdrad is forced to postpone the launch of “Adi Al-Kalam” for the second time due to the mourning of my lady


The Moroccan artist retreated Saad abstract On the release of the clip “Adi El Kalam” for the second time due to mourning for some stars of Moroccan art, after he postponed the presentation of the clip for the first time due to the death of the Egyptian star Rajaa El-Jeddawi due to the complications of the Corona virus.

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Saad announced yesterday evening Saturday that his latest single “Adi El Kalam” will not be released today, Sunday 12 July, after he decided to announce mourning for the Moroccan artist Abdel Azim El Shenawi, who died after a conflict with the disease, and the comedian Mohamed El Karimi, who died after a traffic accident .

He just said in a video clip on his Instagram account: To mourn the artists and friends who left us for the stay, we will postpone the launch of the new work until Wednesday, July 15, God willing.

And I had previously announced just to postpone the launch of “Oday Al-Kalam” for 3 days to mourn the soul of the late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, who was absent from death at dawn last Sunday due to the emerging Corona virus.

Just because the song was scheduled to be released on the day of the announcement of the death of Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, but he issued her intention through the Asturi property with his account on Instagram, confirming the postponement of the clip’s release, saying: In respect of the great artist’s spirit, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, the new work proposal will be postponed, and I will tell you soon of the appointment, God have mercy Mrs. Rajaa Al-Jeddawi and make her place in paradise.

The mourner mourned the deceased by publishing a picture of her with the veil from the scenes of her latest series, “The Game of Oblivion,” and commented on it via his account on Instagram, saying: May God protect the deceased with the mercy of his mercy, and dwell in his vast paradise, and inspire all her family patience and solace, we belong to God and to Him we return.

It is noteworthy that “Ada El Kalam” is the first song of the abstract in the Egyptian dialect, written by Amir Toaima, composed by Aziz Al Shafei and distributed by Touma and directed by Hakim Ghorab, a French of Arab origin and shared by a camera crew from several European countries.

Saad Booster released his new song “Adi El Kalam”, and it appeared in the style of international actor Hugh Jackman in his movie. The Greatest showmanThe circus players dressed up, and the song was filmed inside the famous circus in the French capital, Paris, and it took two days to film and included various action scenes and circus games.

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