Saleh Juma Najm Al-Ahly decides to extend the contract of his brother Abdullah in Zamalek


Saleh Jumaa, the star of Al-Ahly club, decides to renew his brother Abdullah Juma’s contract in Zamalek, after the latter asked to intervene to take advantage of his experience of being his older brother, especially in light of a dispute between the player and his club, after the player refused to obtain 4 million pounds annually in the new contract In particular, the value of his current contract did not exceed the one million and 800 thousand pounds, demanding that the white administration obtain 7 million pounds in the season to extend his contract for another 3 seasons.

Saleh Gomaa supports a sister in his position, especially as he believes that his brother does not receive the amount he deserves within the walls of Zamalek Club, especially as he is one of the most prominent stars of the team who have had a major role in the victories of Zamalek over the past years, whether at the local or continental level.

At the time that Saleh Jumaa’s contract extends with Al-Ahly for a period of 3 coming seasons, Al-Ahly officials will discuss representatives of the Planning Committee headed by Mohsen Saleh and the Swiss technical manager Rene Filer, the future of Saleh Jumaa, whether he continues with the red team in the new season, or will be seconded One of the clubs that requested its inclusion either locally or abroad.

The situation differed in the last days after Filer allowed Saleh to collect training with the team before his arrival in Cairo, with the intervention of David Seza, the general manager who brokered Filler to allow the player to take part in the group training for Al-Ahly, after he noticed him of a great commitment and strong determination to return again, and Saleh Jumah pledged To continue the commitment during the coming period to be ready for the start of the matches, whether at the local or continental level.


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