Sama Al-Masry’s lawyer set off a surprise in the case of “incitement to immorality and immorality”


The lawyer of the Egyptian exhibition artist, Sama Al-Masry, claimed that there are “hidden hands” that move cases against his client to be imprisoned and humiliated, as he put it, by submitting paid reports against her.Ashraf Naji Al-Jundi said in a telephone interview on the program “Dreams of a Citizen” on the Al-Mehwar satellite channel: “Sama Al-Masry has many enemies, and they were the ones who filed a series of reports against her, and she was imprisoned before because of fabricated videos and pictures that were published on the pages of the authors only, and the artist advanced To report to the Attorney General against them. ”

Nagy added: “Sama is being tried in two cases with the same charge, which is incitement to debauchery and debauchery. The first case was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, and the judgment was appealed and the session was adjourned until the next August 9 until bringing evidence that the charge in the two cases is the same, because it is not permissible to prosecute Twice on the same charges. ”

Nagy stressed that the psychological state of Sama Al-Masry is very bad, adding that she was subjected to “very difficult” situations.

Naji believes that his client did not make mistakes until she was arrested, and that she did not commit any crime that requires her imprisonment and trial.

And at the end of last June, an Egyptian court had sentenced Sama al-Masry to 3 years imprisonment, enforced, and fined her 300,000 pounds and placed her under probation for 3 years, on charges of inciting immorality and immorality.

The Public Prosecution attributed the accused to “committing crimes by publishing pictures and videos of her that are dishonest to the public, through her own accounts on social media, and publicly displaying shameful acts, and announcing in advanced ways an invitation that includes the temptation to prostitution and draw attention to it.”


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