Samsung may launch Galaxy Note 20 at a lower price than Note 10


Company launched Samsung Last year, the Galaxy Note 10 was priced at 1.25 million Korean won, and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus at 1.5 million Korean won, and now a new report stated that phones this year from the series will be launched at a lower price compared to the prices of 2019 phones.

According to a report from the site Naver, (Galaxy Note 20) and (Galaxy Note 20 Ultra) – or what might be called (Galaxy Note 20 Plus) – will be launched at a price of about 0.05 million Korean won, which means that the two phones will be available at a price of about $ 40 less compared to the prices of my phone ( Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Although the difference in price is not significant, it contradicts the expectations of industry analysts, who previously said: 2020 phones will be sold at a price of about 0.05 million won compared to 2019 phones. It is believed that the expected price reduction of the phones is explained by expectations of low demand due to the (Covid- 19).

It is noteworthy that Samsung launched the (Galaxy Note 10) phone at a price of $ 950, while the phone (Galaxy Note 10 Plus) was launched at a price of $ 1,100. This; The Naver report does not specify whether the discount to be applied to South Korea will take place on global markets, however, this is expected to happen given the global impact of the epidemic.

On the other hand, he reported Another report From South Korea that Samsung may charge its smartphones without any charger in the box, as of next year.

وذكر the report Published by the newspaper ETNews The Korean company, which is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, will take this step. Because people already own chargers for their devices, plus it will help them reduce costs.

Samsung announced a few days ago that it intends on the 5th of next August to hold its special event for announcing the Galaxy Note 20 phones on 5 August 2020, and in the same event, the company is expected to announce the second generation of its foldable smartphone. (Galaxy Fold) Galaxy Fold, and a version that supports the 5G networks of the foldable phone (Galaxy Z Flip) Galaxy Z Flip.


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