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I opened SaudiSunday evening, a camel hospital in the Qassim region, to become the largest veterinary health center specialized in treating desert animals in the world.

The governor of the Qassim region, Faisal bin Mishaal bin Saud bin Abdulaziz, and other government officials attended the opening ceremony which was postponed in the last period due to the closures of Corona.

And the announcement of the opening of the hospital found wide resonance among camel owners who will be provided by the new veterinary medical center with treatments for camels, with prices for some heads, including hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of riyals.

The hospital is located east of the city of Buraidah, affiliated to the Qassim region, and is owned by a private company that has spent more than one hundred million riyals (more than $ 26 million) to equip the veterinary center in the first investment of its kind in the sector with increasing government interest in developing the camel breeding sector.

The capacity of the new hospital, four thousand ride, and built on an area of ​​70 thousand square meters.

The hospital includes several departments, including internal clinics, chronic and infectious diseases, clinics specializing in surgery, a unit of radiology and endoscopy, as well as a unit of observation and intensive care, in addition to a specialized center for IVF research, infertility treatment, pathogens, methods of prevention and improvement and preservation of strains.

Those responsible for the project say that the hospital licensed by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture is ready to work after a number of specialized professional cadres have been drawn from different countries of the world.

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