Saudi Arabia records 4128 corona injuries and 2,642 new recovery cases


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Today, Saturday, Saudi Arabia recorded 4128 cases of coronavirus and 2,642 new recoveries.

The Saudi Ministry of Health also counted 56 new deaths due to Corona.

And multiplied Saudi Ministry of Health During the past four months, the number of new viruses, Corona, has increased to 19 since the virus began in the Kingdom. The number of daily examinations in various sectors was approximately 1000 daily, while at the present time it reached 45 thousand daily.

Intensification of laboratory tests

And it showed that it has conducted more than a million and a half million laboratory tests for the Corona virus in Saudi Arabia, with advanced tests using molecular polymerization technology (PCR TEST) since the first infection was recorded until now.

Health has also recently launched a number of specialized laboratories and units throughout Saudi Arabia, which have contributed to a qualitative leap and improve service by obtaining test results in a record period, and have also contributed to strengthening corona virus prevention.

The Saudi Health Ministry renewed its call for keenness to wash hands with soap and water, as it is the most important way to prevent the pandemic, confirming that every person when leaving the house wearing a muzzle, whether medical or fabric or put a tight cover on the nose and mouth, with the exception of those who were alone in Closed place.

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