Schubert reveals the scenes of Mustafa Younis crying because of Mahmoud Al-Khatib


The media, Ahmed Shoubir, the Al-Ahly goalkeeper and the former Egypt team, revealed the scenes of a phone call that he collected with Mustafa Younis, the former Red Castle star about the health of Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the president of Al-Ahly, and Schubert said in his radio program on On Sport, A phone call from Mustafa Yunus, the former star of Al-Ahly, asking me lightly about Bebos condition. When he learned of his health condition, he cried hard and asked me not to tell Al-Khatib this call at all.

Schubert adds, “Mustafa Yunus, one of the sons of Al-Ahly, and made with his generation a great history with the red castle, which is not unjust denied, but we used to be in Al-Ahly that our succession should be inside the walls of the club and not outside.”

Earlier, Mustafa Yunus, the star of the former Al-Ahly club, revealed the scenes of his recent statements against Mahmoud Al-Khatib, head of the Red Castle, stressing that he did not criticize Bebo, and Younis said in a phone call to the Hour of the Hour program with Schubert over On Sport: Al-Khatib cannot attack him as it is commonly said – I at times need to support the club and in the wake of the recent Al-Ahly crises I did not utter any character of an attack against the council because I felt that Al-Ahly was in distress and must be supported. ”

And Mustafa Yunus adds: “Mortada Mansour, president of the Zamalek Club, talked to me and asked me: You said these statements against Mahmoud Al-Khatib, I told him, and God did not happen, this lack of literature and fabrication.”

The star of Al-Ahly and the former national team of Egypt continued: “The sedition did not succeed in Egypt between Muslims and Christians, nor between the army and the people and they try to cultivate it between Al-Ahly and Zamalek. So, when will we be silent about this situation? My frankness is only increasing, but I am not a slave who misses and sustains us on our Lord, not alone.” : With the support of Mahmoud Al-Khatib and Al-Ahly Council and his fans, the Red Castle is my home and it is impossible for someone to separate me from it. The fitna will not find a way for my relationship with Al-Ahly and its fans, because I belong to the ancient Red Club and have been blinded to the eyes of anyone

Mustafa Yunus adds: “We who gave us the seed of the Century Club at the beginning of our journey with Al-Ahly, I do not like Al-Ahly, I adore him. As for Bebo, it suffices to mention that he received the consolation of my mother three days and I was outside the country in Sudan.”


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