She burned her in sensitive places and killed her


“I escaped from the house, lived with a man, forgave her and returned her, but she betrayed me with my father while I slept next to them on the same brushes. I killed her and got rid of her.” …

Details of the crime were revealed by investigations of the North Giza Accidents Prosecution, which is the decision to refer the husband and his father to the criminal trial as soon as he receives the technical authorities’ reports on the anatomical character of the victim from forensic medicine and forensic evidence on the effects of blood and the crime weapon.

The prosecution had ordered that the husband be detained pending investigations, accusing him of killing his wife, because he had discovered his sexual relationship with his father, who helped him in killing her for fear of exposing his relationship with her, and the prosecution decided to imprison the father also for his participation in the crime.

Investigations of the North Giza Accident Prosecution Team, which included Amr Abbas, the director of the prosecution, Mohamed Tolba, and Mohamed Khalifa, the first prosecutor, revealed that the defendant married the victim 8 years ago and had two children from her. 3 months ago the wife left the house and learned of her association with an illegal relationship with one of the persons and her residence in One of the governorates of Upper Egypt, and when he learned of her location, he went to bring her and returned with her to his father’s house in Al-Warraq, where he stayed with his four children from his ex-wife, his second wife, their two children, and his father in a two-room apartment.

The defendant continued for three whole months to torture his wife as punishment for her treachery, so he burned her in sensitive areas of her body and severely assaulted her, as he decided in the investigations that he wanted to discipline and punish her, and on the day of the crime, the accused confessed that he woke up from sleep at ten at night To be surprised by his wife and father practicing vice, and when he felt that he was waking up, they called to sleep, so the husband rose up and accompanied the children outside the room, and came back carrying a folded stab in the stomach of his wife.

The defendant added that, after beating his wife with a penknife, he also tried to kill his father, but his hand trembled when the father begged him, echoing: “I am not in need, it is the one who has enriched me. She bleeds due to her stab wound and tried to sympathize her husband and protect her to save her so the latter muted her and strangled her with “scarves” for fear of exposing their relationship as they practiced vice several times before discovering the husband on the day of the crime.

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