She died at the age of 24 .. Who is the wife of the artist Mahmoud Reda and how did he bid her farewell?


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Nadima Fahmy, wife of artist Mahmoud Reda

Yesterday, Friday, the artist Mahmoud Reda passed away from the age of 90, after presenting a lot of shows and his name was associated with them.

The late artist is the father of the actress Sherine Rida and the husband of Nadida Fahmy, sister of the artist, Farida Fahmy.

Nadida, who was born in 1936, studied fine art and worked as a fashion designer for the Reda Band, who died at the age of 24 in 1960.

In words that were filled with nostalgia, the late Mahmoud Reda spoke of his wife, and he said in one of his previous conversations describing it: “My real life started on the day I got to know her. I was one of the swimmers and a member of the Hollywood Club, and there I always heard her name being echoed in the mouths as a swimming champion. I loved it from the club’s talk about her until I saw her one day. ”

He continued: “From the first moment I loved everything, so I wished Nadida, a wife accompanying me, the journey of a lifetime, and in the following days we began to meet and with the meetings our tendencies, our emotions and our goals came close. At every party, then we agreed to marry, and then she was convinced of her desire to form a popular group. ”

Mahmoud Reda continued his talk about his wife, saying: “My wife Nadida died and we are performing one of the shows in Alexandria in 1960, so we buried her and went out of the funeral to the theater where the season was then. When the curtain of the theater was opened, we presented the show and laughed, and when it was closed, we cried.”

And about not participating in the show performances like her sister, Mahmoud Reda said: “My wife was not able to participate in presenting the show dances because she was suffering from rheumatism in the heart, but she was the one who designed our first program costumes because she was studying fine art, so she spent her days designing band costumes. I pity her on her efforts, so she smiles nida and assures me that age is one, and that a person should live in what is beneficial and beneficial.


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