She used her charms and sexual phrases .. An order to refer Sama Al-Masry to the Economic Court


“The seventh day” got the text of the decision to refer the Public Prosecution to “Sama Al-Masry”, in the case 979 of the year 12 Judicial Economic Crimes, which is before the Cairo Misdemeanor Court, which is scheduled for Monday as the first trial session.

The referral papers from the Public Prosecution Office revealed to the Economic Court, of which the “Seventh Day” obtained a copy, that on July 2, 2020 the head of the Financial and Commercial Affairs Prosecutor ordered the referral of the accused, Samia Ahmed Attia Abdel Rahman, and the fame of “Sama Al-Masry”, to the Economic Court.

The referral order revealed that, during the period from December 2019 to April 2020, at the Department of Azbakeya Department, Cairo Governorate, she published, with intent to display, pictures of public indecency by transmitting through her personal accounts on social networking sites “Facebook – Instagram – YouTube” videos of her highlight It contains her charms, accompanied by sexual expressions, insinuations and suggestions, in a manner that offends public modesty and as indicated in the investigations..

The referral order stated that “Sama Al-Masry” publicly did a shameful act in violation of public modesty, that she was seduced by her charms, with sexual expressions, hints and hints, that she transmitted through her personal accounts on social networking sites, “Facebook – Instagram – YouTube”, as indicated in the case investigations. , And published a number of videos of public indecency.

The defendant also announced through her three personal accounts, “Facebook – Instagram – YouTube” an invitation that includes a temptation to draw attention to prostitution by broadcasting videos that highlight her charms in a way that raises sexual instincts..

The referral matter revealed that the accused had accustomed to the general principles and family values ​​of the Egyptian society, by posting clips of her through her personal accounts on the social networking sites “Facebook – Instagram – YouTube”, seducing her charms in light of sexual expressions, tips and hints that she showed, as indicated in the investigations.


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