She was nursed by fire water … a murderous execution of her child in the lake


12:42 PM

Tuesday 30 June 2020

The lake – Ahmed Nasra:

The 11th Circuit of Damanhur Criminal Court, headed by Chancellor Abdel Hai Baqosh, on Tuesday sentenced to death by hanging for a housewife who killed her child by feeding caustic material in a syringe.

The court also sentenced the remaining defendants in the case, namely: “Ibrahim. F”, the accused’s father and “Ahmed. Y.”, the accused’s uncle, and “Mohamed C.” and “Mohamed S.” two doctors, to a suspended public prison, for not informing them and concealing evidence .

The beginning, when a nurse and a doctor’s staff were discovered, at one of the medical clinics, the deterioration of the child’s health and death, and the appearance of corrosive effects on her lips.

The forensic report on the infant girl showed the presence of caustic effects around her mouth on all sides and on her face, and that this caustic substance had caused the failure of the breathing functions of the victim and led to her death.

The discovery of the surveillance cameras showed that the child’s mother asked the nursing woman to breastfeed her, and after her confinement, she removed a fold of cauterization from her clothes with a caustic substance “fire water”, breastfed her for the child, and threw the syringe in the trash after the completion of her crime, then left the victim to the specialized disease in a care room Newborn infirmary.

Investigations confirmed that the medical clinic in which the crime took place was aware of the incident, after they saw what happened on the surveillance cameras in the newborn care room, but they did not report the incident, after requesting the eligibility of the child and the accused not to report under the pretext of not exposing the defendant mother and defaming her.

Investigations revealed that the accused mother’s father was aware of the crime, but he also did not report, so the Public Prosecution referred the mother to trial, on charges of deliberately killing the baby, and referred the accused mother and medical center staff to trial, on charges of participating in falsifying the entry and exit papers of the child victim from the center, and hiding Evidence for the investigation authorities.

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