Sherif Ekramy support Soulia after his daughter was bullied: “All support is for you and your owners”


Sharif Ekrami, the Al-Ahly club goalkeeper, was keen to support Amr Al-Sulayya, the midfielder of the Red Castle, after his daughter Leila was bullied on social media sites by some of his followers, after Al-Sulayya published photos that collected his daughter who did not exceed three years to face bad comments from some followers Concerning his daughter’s clothes, Al-Ahly player responds to these comments that he will submit reports against those who made them.

Ekrami posted the image of Amr Al-Sulayya and his daughter through his personal account on Instagram and commented, “All support for you and your owners until the end.”

Sherif Ekramy
Sherif Ekramy

And it was Amr Al-Sulaya He has responded to comments from a number of his Instagram followers, who claim that his 3-and-a-half-year-old daughter’s clothes are disrespectful, indicating that he will file complaints against them. Amr Al-Sulaya wrote, through his account on Instagram: “Layla is my daughter, she has 3 years and a text (Lassa Qal’ah Al-Pampers from how many months). What is this disease?

Al-Sulayyiyyah added, “The countries that grow up will be usurped and molested, and that we fear for our daughters and our people, to take the street so that they will not be harmed.

He continued: “I decided to submit communications to the owners of the Comets, so that those who are not happy with their growing up in our midst decided to protect my daughters, who still have no feelings in the world. Unfortunately, I am afraid for them to see the amount of disgust and disgust.”


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