SOS message from Inam Salousa to Al-Sisi: “Sheikh Zayed will become Nasr City”


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The artist Inaam Salousa directed a complaint to President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi about the existence of towers whose role number is 20, in Sheikh Zayed City, which is against the law, noting that a number of the city’s residents filed a case, but it was rejected after a year and more than litigation.

And «Salousa» said, through her account on the social networking site «Facebook»: «To Mr. President of the Republic every year and your sovereignty is fine, I am an Egyptian citizen complaining to you and my case does not belong to me alone but to thousands of families who live in Sheikh Zayed City, which will become a city of Nasr by building towers From twenty houses in violation of the law, we filed a case, but it refused a form after a year and more than litigation.

The artist added: “As the court said, I raised those who have no status, meaning that we do not have the right to complain. That is why I found nothing but your Excellency to complain about. The city has designed its infrastructure and facilities on a basement and only four floors, and now one of the companies is building towers of twenty houses in violation of the law, This company did not have permission to build towers, but it appeared a month and a half after the case was established, and whoever was given permission to this company was the same person who previously refused to give permission to build three more floors for Sheikh Zayed Hospital due to the facilities ’intolerance.

The artist, Enaam Salousa, explained that they asked for a response from the Minister of Aviation, as it is close to the Sphinx airport, and is there a conflict? But without a response, noting that «the central park of the city was handed over to the investor and was included in the project of towers approximately 60 acres, and its activities changed from a public benefit to a private one and changed its name from Zayed to Z».

The actress confirmed that a report on the garden had been edited and was checked by the Public Prosecutor for the investigations, and they were not informed of the result, saying: “My master, we only want to achieve justice and law enforcement and save the city from destruction, a small note from the allocation of land for the company Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, and who opened The Central Park and its annexation to the project, Dr. Mustafa Madbouly.

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