Sources: The car owner will pay the radio tax 100 pounds even if there is no radio or is overpriced


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Thursday, July 2, 2020 – 1:20 PM
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Thursday, July 2, 2020 – 1:20 PM

• Former Traffic Manager: Pay 100 pounds for each year in the vehicle’s license

Informed sources said that the increase in the radio tax fee in the car from 140 piasters to 100 pounds as a total broadcast tax per year is normal, and it is scheduled to implement the amendment of the law approved by the Plan and Budget Committee in the House of Representatives, after the end of all approvals, and procedures Its own legal.

The sources pointed out that the traffic departments at the Ministry of the Interior at the level of the republic assume the collection of this amount as it was before the increase in the licensing procedures for vehicles, confirming that it includes all vehicles, private and fare.

She noted that the law stipulates that any vehicle equipped with the radio means, even if it is not operating inside, or does not exist at all, but as long as the internal vehicle structure came in its design a place to install the radio, the tax is paid on it through the traffic licensing procedures.

For his part, Major General Medhat Koreitem, former assistant minister of interior for traffic and the specialized police sector, said that the radio tax law has been in effect for a long time. It is required by the Council, the State Council, and the rest of the procedures until it is actually applied.

Quraytem told Al-Shorouk that the law provides for paying the amount of the tax on radio for every year in completing licensing procedures for all cars, and this means that 100 pounds for each year in renewing the vehicle’s license, for example if 3 years will pay 300 pounds, Noting that the motorcycles do not meet the decision, and very old cars not equipped with a place for the radio.

On the evening of the first Wednesday of July, the House of Representatives Plan and Budget Committee approved a draft law amending some provisions of Presidential Decree Law No. 77 of 1968 regarding radio and wireless equipment charges, and the text of the bill submitted by the government that is to be replaced by the text of the first paragraph of the article 2 of Presidential Decree Law No. 77 of 1968 regarding radio and wireless equipment charges.

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