Special After an absence of 15 years .. Mohamed Mounir returns to singing opera in his


06:25 PM

Tuesday 30 June 2020

Mostafa Hamza wrote:

The opera house started its preparations to receive the concert of the artist Mohamed Mounir, scheduled to be held in the square, on Thursday 17 July at the beginning of the resumption of its activities.

Mounir welcomed the idea of ​​reviving the ceremony after his meeting with the Minister of Culture Dr. Dinas Abdel Dayem, before the date was settled, and the king returned to sing at the Opera House Square after the absence of nearly 15 years.

Mounir is currently preparing to display the clip of his latest song, “People in My Country,” next Friday. He started filming last Friday at the Greek School in Heliopolis, and filming continued until Sunday evening, as director Ahmed Abdel Mohsen was filming from three in the afternoon until ten Everyday evening, “Masrawy learned.”

Munir had finished recording the song ten days ago and told “Masrawy”, “I consider the song a greeting of love to the people of my country.”


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