Special art – Menna Fadali depositing a cell 7


Visualize the Egyptian actressMenna FadaliHer last scenes in the movie “Dungeon 7” tomorrow, after which the team is finally deposited pending the date of its release in theaters, as the film is a strong candidate for the upcoming Eid Al-Adha season at a time when the producers are not able to release their films because of the 25% attendance that Cinemas work.
Menna Fadali embodies in the events of the film a dancer who works in one of the nightclubs and gets to know the heroine of work Ahmed Zahir and Nidal Al-Shafi’i and interferes with them, and this is the first time that Menna Fadali embodies the role of a dancer.
It is worth mentioning that the movie “Dungeon 7” starring Ahmed Zahir, Nidal Al-Shafi’i, Abeer Sabri, Maya Nasri, Mena Fadali, Ihab Fahmy, Medhat Tikh, Ahmed Tuhami, Amy Islam Mustafa Haridy, Ashraf Abdel Aziz and Ayman Keshk, and it was written by Hussam Mousa, directed by Abram Nashat, and its events take place in the framework of Action and excitement.


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