Stay tuned for the thunder moon … passing through the earth’s shadow this evening


At eight oclock in the evening, according to eastern time, i.e. at three oclock in the morning Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, the thunder moon will appear and reach its climax at 12:44 am ET on Sunday, providing a partial eclipse, when it passes through the shadow of the earth.

The moon’s name tonight comes from the summer storms that occur around the full moon in July, but it is also referred to as the deer moon, because the male deer lose their horns this month.

According to a newspaper Daily Mail, The moon will pass in the outer shadow of the Earth, which will cover a third of its surface, but it can be easily missed without some kind of telescope.

This type of partial eclipse usually occurs when the earth is between the sun and the moon, and the moon will pass through the earth’s shadow as it orbits the planet about 870,000 miles away, which will cover part of its dark surface.

Jupiter and Saturn will also join the Thunder Moon on the night of July 4, and the full moon will be seen near the illustrious planet Jupiter and the annular planet as well, but EarthSky assures that you will need a telescope to see Saturn’s rings.

The eclipse, to be seen around the world, will appear about two hours and 45 minutes after the moon first rises.

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