Sudan replaces civilians with state military rulers


The President of the Government of Sudan, Abdullah Hamdouk

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The President of the Government of Sudan, Abdullah Hamdouk

The Prime Minister of Sudan, Abdullah Hamduk, has announced the appointment of civilian governors to the states, as part of the transition process to a full three-year democratic rule.

The move was one of the main demands of the demonstrators who participated in the protests against the rule of former President Omar al-Bashir last year.

Under this step, civilian governors would replace the military governors who were managing state affairs.

Hamdock said that the appointment of civilian governors represented “the actual beginning of change” in the states.

There are two women among the new governors.

According to the official news agency (Suna), Hamdok described the representation of women in the governors’ seats as “without ambition,” adding, “We suggest in the coming period, women be represented in the levels of state rule more.”

On the other hand, Hamaddouk announced that Sudan would devalue its currency to be able to correct the huge budget deficit and confront a growing economic crisis.

According to official transactions, the dollar equals 55 Sudanese pounds, but it reaches 140 pounds on the black market.

With the increase in the level of inflation and declining state revenues by 40 percent, the Charge d’Affairs of the Minister of Finance called for urgent action on the currency situation.

The lack of fuel and bread was the first spark that led to the protests against Omar al-Bashir’s rule.

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