Sumaya Al-Khashab showcases its grace on the sea with a one-piece swimsuit


The Egyptian actress Sumaya Al Khashab’s sea view impressed her fans, who found her attractive and not vulgar.Sumaya published pictures of her on “Instagram”, as she enjoyed her summer vacation at the sea, and she wore an orange swimsuit, “one piece” and wore with him an embossed “cash bathing suit”, without makeup.

Sumayas image got thousands of likes.
Somaya was subjected to an embarrassing situation, due to a spelling mistake in the English language, which she wrote on her picture, through her official account on “Instagram”.

And the artist wrote hashtag “atractive”, which means “attractive”, which means attractive and interesting.The pioneers of the social networking site interacted with the illustrated material, with thousands of likes and dozens of comments, most notably: “Miss Oh Somaya”, “This is the oud of the hero who was shot by Hassan Shakoush”, and “The word is attractive, written wrong, artist … English this is Morsi “.

Archival video:

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