“Supply” explains why only two masks are provided for each family (video)


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Ahmed Kamal, Assistant Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, said that after negotiating with the ministry with suppliers of fabric masks from the Ministry of Military Production and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, a good solution was reached for the citizen, which is to provide one muzzle at eight and a half pounds.

“Kamal” said during his telephone interview on the program “Today” broadcast on the satellite “dmc” and presented by the media Sarah Hazem, that “the price of the muzzle that will be launched starting tomorrow in the supply is much lower than the prices of its counterparts and manufactured with the same specifications, where the Ministry of Supply put the muzzle at a price Its cost. ”

He added, “These masks have the best technical specifications approved by the Specifications and Quality Authority of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.” He explained that tomorrow will see the supply of 200,000 muzzles, and we will continue the distribution process so that we reach the distribution of 19 million muzzles by next July.

He continued: «There are negotiations between the Ministry of Supply and another group of suppliers to contract additional quantities of the same specifications and quality, provided that their prices range between six to ten pounds.

Regarding determining the number of masks distributed to each family according to the number of its members by only two, the Assistant Minister of Supply explained that “the ministry is linked to the quantities that will be supplied by the suppliers, as specific contracts were contracted for July and August, while the number of cards registered with the ministry is 22 million cards Therefore, two cams were specified for each card to ensure reaching the largest possible number of families. ”

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