“Supply” starts distributing 393 thousand cloth masks on ration cards


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During the past hours, the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, Bajali Food and the branches of my association’s project delivered abundant quantities of protective cloth masks from the emerging Corona virus, which numbered 393,800 thousand masks that were supplied and distributed during the past three days.

Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, received a report from Dr. Mohamed Atef, President of the Egyptian Company for Wholesale Trade, on the rate of distribution of masks to wholesale stores in the scope of some of the governorates of the Egyptian company, which were supplied and distributed to the grocery stores and the branches of my community project by stores Sentence.

The distribution rate for each of the governorates of Cairo, Giza, Beni Suef came as follows: East Cairo Administration received 76 thousand and 600 muzzles, South Cairo 77 thousand and 800 muzzles, and October 6 99 thousand muzzles, Giza 108 thousand muzzles, and finally the Beni Suef administration 40 thousand muzzle.

The process of supplying and supplying by manufacturers and suppliers for the benefit of the stores of the wholesale company (public / Egyptian) for distribution to all branches of the wholesale in preparation for delivery to the ration outlets for exchange to citizens at the price of 8.5 pounds for the final consumer.

In turn, said Majed Nadi, a spokesman for the Daly Supply Union, that the grocery ration is awaiting the arrival of the medical committee mandated to ensure that the masks match the specifications set by the ministry.

He added, that the grocers will put the gags at the outlets as soon as the medical committees finish their work, provided that the delivery of the masks to citizens with support cards starts at a maximum of Tuesday, at a price of 8.5 pounds, as it is put on the commodity support system at a price of 8 pounds, and the citizen pays 50 piasters Every muzzle gets it.

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