Surprises will turn the table on the head of actress Abeer Baybars after her husband killed the businessman!


Sister of the businessman revealed The husband of the Egyptian actress She killed him using a bottle that he had stitched into his chest, surprises that may change the course of the investigations.

The sister of “Amr” ruled out the crime because of a quarrel; Because her brother’s physical form is strong and cannot die in this way, especially since the stab was from the chest and not the back.
In press statements, she alluded to the possibility that there would be an assistant to the accused in the crime, especially as she noticed signs during his last look at him confirming that there was a limitation of his feet, as well as a foot injury.

She added, “We were surprised that the doctor’s first report was written that the death was caused by a heart attack, which was what we were informed about at the beginning.”

She said: “The burial would almost be complete without reaching the truth without the signs that we observed on his body, and our insistence that the police arrive to investigate the matter, which led to the detection of the crime.”
The late sister continued that there were major differences between him and his wife, Abeer Baybars.

She said that he initially married her customary before stealing his money and belongings to compel him to marry her officially, and requiring him to divorce his first wife, and he has responded to all her requests, confirming that she is not an artist but a housewife and that her brother has never been used to her.

And she confirmed that the investigations will prove that all this talk is true, demanding justice and retribution for her brother from his wife, because he did not deserve this end.

Egyptian actress Abeer Baybars killed her husband using a bottle that she stitched into his chest, to instantly die. Because of differences between them.

Abeer Baybars said in the investigations after her arrest that she killed her husband after he slapped her on the face, where she lost her temper and grabbed a bottle, after she broke her neck and then inserted it into his body, which led to his death.

She said about her victim’s husband: “He would beat me while he was living every day for anything,” adding that her husband, even after his death, caused her to go to prison.

The Public Prosecution decided to detain actress Abeer Baybars, pending investigations, for 15 days on charges of premeditated murder.


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