Syrian mercenaries in Tripoli in police uniform


Source: Arabic.Net – Monia Ghanmi

After the report of the UN Sanctions Committee on Libya, which confirmed Turkey’s continued in Transfer of mercenaries To the country, a Libyan military official revealed that a first batch of Syrian mercenaries took to the streets of the capital Tripoli in police uniforms, took their places and began to supervise and monitor the security conditions there, after receiving training and integrating them from the Ministry of Interior of the Government of Conciliation.

The Director of the Moral Guidance Department of the General Command of the Libyan Army, Brigadier General Khaled Al Mahjoub, told, on Saturday, that a group of Syrian mercenaries trained at the “Al-Takbali” camp in the capital Tripoli, took to the streets in the Libyan security uniform to start their duties, After being attached to the formations of the police of the government of reconciliation.

Video footage of Syrian mercenaries wearing Libyan police uniforms while training in a camp south of the capital, Tripoli, in a strange move that indicates the presence of the government of Al-Wefaq to integrate a number of these fighters, who were transferred by Turkey to Libya, in the security forces and even the military.

Syrian mercenaries dressed as Libyan security
Syrian mercenaries dressed as Libyan security

This comes as Ankara continues to flood Libya with the mercenaries of the loyal factions loyal to it, as it was published Libyan army spokesman Earlier, a video clip showing dozens of mercenaries on board an African Libyan Airlines plane, on their way to Libya to join the ranks of the reconciliation forces.

16500 mercenaries in Libya

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had previously reported that the Turkish government continues to transfer the mercenaries of the pro-Syrian factions towards Libyan territory, to participate in military operations alongside the Al-Wefaq factions, and the process of arriving new batches during the past few days coincided with the return of other batches towards Syrian territory After their contracts expire there.

According to the statistics of the Observatory, the number of conscripts who have gone to Libyan territory so far, has risen to about 16,500 mercenaries of Syrian nationality, including 350 children under the age of 18, while about 5850 returned to Syria, after the end of their contracts and taking their financial dues.

Tripoli Revolutionary Battalion displays in the Libyan capital (Archives - France Press)
Tripoli Revolutionary Battalion displays in the Libyan capital (Archives – France Press)

In turn announced UN Sanctions Committee That Ankara sent between 7,000 and 15,000 Syrian fighters to Libya, adding that “the Syrian interim government in Turkey helped send troops to Libya.”

It also considered in a report yesterday, Friday, that Libya is turning into a large arms market, due to the violation of the arms embargo.

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