Tamer Hosny after 3 days filming “Mish Ana”: “Making the most important films of my life”


Confirmed The star Tamer HosnyHe feels that his new movie “Not Me”, which is currently being filmed, is one of the most important films of his life, hoping that he will be loved by the fans.

Hosni wrote, through his account on Instagram: “We came back from 3 days filming the rest of the movie (Not Me), I feel that I make the most important films of my life … God willing, you like it.”


The “Not Me” movie team continues to shoot a number of scenes inside the media production city, as confirmed by the work director Sarah Feeq, whose artist Tamer Hosni will participate in the championship. In cinemas, after a decision to open them by 25%, taking precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Coruna virus.

It is noteworthy that the movie stopped during the past months due to the preoccupation of a number of its heroes with the work of the last Ramadan season and the spread of Corona virus.

The story of “Not Me”, is about a psychological condition that afflicts “Hassan”, which is embodied by the artist Tamarshni.“.

The artist Hala Shiha is participating in the championship, through which she returns to the cinema screens after an absence of 13 years since her last movie, “Kamil Descriptions”, which she presented with the late Amer Mounib..

“Mish Ana” is the first Egyptian movie to film its events between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and it appears that the work contains some of its cinematic lines, events in Saudi Arabia, especially as the Saudi star Fayez Al-Maliki is participating in his events with a special appearance with the star Tamer Hosni.


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